The signs are out there: the economy is slow, bankrupcy and foreclosure looming around the corner for many. How can this be? There is no less available to us today then yesterday! Look around you, is there any portion of the sky that is not complete?

Abundance and prosperity are our rights. We only need ask to receive. Many of us have heard of the Law of Attraction, but few know the steps to take, or put those simple concepts into action. We did, and we want to share our experience and ideas with you.

It's easier than you've ever believed
How To Attract Wealth


Home Sweet Home


That's something we'd all like to say, "home sweet home". Well let me tell you, we made it happen. We stepped out of an old run down trailer in the middle of a forest into an amazing home with shops and space for our energy healing school. Talk about success!

Here's our organic garden, and bountiful it is! Just imagine the taste of fresh greens and tomatoes picked just moments before the meal, the taste of the sunshine and nutrients bursting forth in every bite!

Abundance and prosperity are not a dream, or a gimmick, they are real.

What are you waiting for?

Reiki Masters and Teachers Roi and Taylore share their journey in their book "How to Attract Wealth".

The Tips and Tools shared in How to Attract Wealth can serve you throughout your lifetime.

What value can you place on such a resource? The sky's the limit! We'll make it a little bit easier, and let you have your own copy of "How to Attract Wealth" for only $20 plus s/h.

You can buy this book now just by clicking the link below. Our secure shopping cart takes the following credit cards:

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"We've been at the ranch now for eight years, and I cannot beleive how quickly the time has passed. We've sold many copies of our book, and enjoy seeing "How to Attract Wealth" serve as a stepping stone into a happier life for so many. Why do we share this information? We believe that by sharing this valuable information we create even more synergy and excitement in the universe. It's really the power of prayer, is it not? The more we believe the stronger the energies of abundance fill our lives. Happy-happy-happy."


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Last Updated: Sunday, October 22, 2006